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For more information on how to use Oxford Dictionaries Premium, please see our guide to the dictionary.

Account and access help

How do I subscribe?

An individual subscription to Oxford Dictionaries Premium gives you access to all nine languages and their resources on Oxford Dictionaries Premium.

To purchase your subscription, please select the appropriate link below:

I am in the Americas     |     I am outside the Americas


 How much is a subscription to Oxford Dictionaries Premium?

Please visit our site for the latest pricing information.


How do I renew my account?

When you are nearing the end of your subscription, we will email you with instructions explaining how to continue to access Oxford Dictionaries Premium. If your subscription has already expired, find out how to purchase a new subscription


How do I sign in? 

To sign in to your Oxford Dictionaries Premium account, log in here using your username (usually your email address) and password. 


I've forgotten my password. How can I reset it? 

If you've forgotten your password, you can reset it here


What subscription do I have?

Once you have logged in to Oxford Dictionaries Premium, the homepage will display the language dictionaries you have access to. If a language is showing a padlock symbol, you do not have access to that content. 


Does my library or organization have an Oxford Dictionaries Premium account?

Speak to your librarian to find out whether your library subscribes to Oxford Dictionaries Premium. If your library doesn't subscribe, you can find out about our individual subscriptions here


How do I access the site through my university library or public library?

For help accessing the site using an institutional subscription, please see our institutional help section


I purchased a print book that came with an access token. How do I redeem this?

Thank you for purchasing a print Oxford Dictionary or Thesaurus. If you are attempting to redeem a free access token, this promotion has now expired and is no longer available. For more information please see our terms and conditions


I purchased a product from the Take Off In series. How do I download my MP3 files? 

 Before you download your MP3 files you must first register your details for the appropriate product here. You will need to enter the case-sensitive access code included in your Take Off In pack. 

Once you have registered your details, you will be taken to the audio content download site. Here there will be two links: one for the complete audio course described in your books, and one for additional practice content. Click on the links to begin downloading the zipped files. Once this is complete, you will need to extract the MP3 files. 

If you right-click on the files, you should see a small menu which will include an option for extracting the files. If you do not, your computer may not have an Unzip program. Free unzipping software can be found online. Once this is installed in your computer, you will be able to double-click on the files to open them.

When you have access to the content of the files, choose the ‘Extract’ option and save the extracted files into a new folder within your media library files. Your media player should then be able to detect the files, and will be able to sync and play them.

Please do not rip the CDs directly, as they have not been pre-tagged by OUP so will not play in the correct order, and the correct files will be difficult to find.

Help for institutions

How do I purchase an institutional subscription?

Institutional subscriptions are available for each Oxford Dictionaries Premium language module: English, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. Subscription prices are based on the size and type of institution. To purchase a subscription for your institution, please contact your sales representative or use the relevant details below:

Customers outside North and South America

Please contact us via the contact form or the details below.

Tel: +44 (0) 1865 353705
Fax: +44 (0) 1865 353308

Customers in North and South America

Tel: 1 800 334 4249 ext 6484
Fax: 1 212 726 6476

Or use our contact form.


Are free trials of Oxford Dictionaries Premium available?

Yes, free trials are available to institutions and organizations wishing to try out Oxford Dictionaries Premium. Contact your sales representative using the above details to find out more.


How do I sign in through my institution?

Please read the notes below on access for your users. If you experience problems with your institutional subscription, please do contact us.

Important information for EZ Proxy users

Please note that if your access to Oxford Dictionaries is delivered using EZ Proxy you will need to update your proxy configuration. More information is available on our Help for Proxy Users page.

Automatic authentication

If you are visiting the Oxford Dictionaries website from an institution that has a subscription you should be able to enter the site automatically, based on authentication of your IP address. IP authentication now takes place automatically on every page of the Oxford Dictionaries site.

Logging in from a subscribing institution using Shibboleth/Athens access

If your institution uses Athens or Shibboleth to control access, please log in at the bottom right of the login page. If you encounter problems with this, please consult your system administrator or librarian.

If your institution is not listed on the Athens page, please contact us. Please note that this email addresses only deal with institutional access queries.

Logging in with a library card

Some public libraries allow remote access to websites to which they subscribe. Your librarian can tell you if that option is available to you. If your library does allow remote access, visit the href="">login pageand type in your library card number where it says ‘Log in with a library card’. If you encounter difficulties entering the site using your library card number, please consult your librarian.

Remote access

Remote or off-site access is available to all institutional subscribers at no additional cost. For further assistance setting up remote access, please contact us:

Customers outside the Americas     |     Customers within the Americas


 How do I manage my institution's account?

You can see usage reports and manage your account by following the relevant link below:

Customers outside the Americas     |     Customers within the Americas


How do I access my institution's statistics?

The statistics for Oxford Dictionaries follow the recognized industry standard for recording usage: COUNTER (Counting Online Usage of NeTworked Electronic Resources).

The COUNTER 4 code of practice provides an international, extendable Code of Practice for e-Resources that allows the usage of online information, products, and services to be measured in a credible, consistent, and compatible way using vendor-generated data.

Please visit Subscriber Services to access your institution's statistics. Your administrative login will be required. If you have lost or forgotten your administrative login, please contact us.

To see usage reports, or for any other aspect of account management, please follow the link appropriate to your region of the world:

Customers outside the Americas     |     Customers within the Americas

MARC records

MARC 21 records can be downloaded by library professionals free of charge. Download the MARC record for the relevant language by clicking on the link below.

Arabic | Chinese | English | French | German | Italian | Portuguese | Russian | Spanish

Technical help


Which browsers can I use to explore Oxford Dictionaries Premium?

The site is accessible using a variety of modern browsers, including:

Desktop: Firefox 11+ (Windows and Mac); Chrome 17+ (Windows and Mac); Internet Explorer 9+ (Windows and Mac); Safari 5+ (Mac)

Mobile: Default browser Galaxy S3/S4; Chrome for Android 4.0+; Safari for iOS 4+. 

If you are using an older version of a browser listed here, we recommend that you update to the latest version. If you use an outdated browser, some features may not display correctly. 


Does Oxford Dictionaries Premium meet accessibility standards?

The site meets Level A and AA of the W3C’s WCAG 2.0 accessibility guidelines and applicable Level AAA items. The site conforms to section 508 requirements, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the UK Disability Discrimination Act, and other relevant laws.


What is your policy on third party data mining?

Oxford University Press recognizes the research benefit of Text and Data Mining (TDM) across a variety of research fields. As such, we are happy to accommodate TDM for non-commercial use. Although researchers are not required to request permission for non-commercial text-mining, OUP is happy to offer consultation with a technical project manager to assist in planning your project, including avoidance of any technical safeguards triggers OUP has in place to protect the stability and security of our websites. To request a consultant for your TDM project, please contact us.

OUP is also happy to consider any Commercial TDM requests. To request approval for TDM for commercial use, please contact us.